So you’ve submitted your applications early – either Early Action, Early Decision or even rolling! Congratulations! But after all the confetti on Common App settles, there’s still much to do between now and mid-December when most early results are released. Here are 5 Things to Do After Submitting “Early” Applications.

1. Check your EMAIL Daily

This is to confirm that your application was received by the college. Sometimes it can take a few days, or even several weeks, to get this information from a university. Make sure to check your inbox and your spam folder every day.

2. Check your PORTAL daily

This is because many universities have a portal for you to track the status of your application. Portals can act as a document upload for miscellaneous items, such as passport details, financial statements and portfolios.

3. Keep your grades up!

Many colleges require first term/quarter grades for all early applicants; now is not the time to slack. Even if the university doesn’t require these grades, you can send them if the early choice allows it. Also, for Regular Decision applications, first term/quarter grades will matter a lot!

4. Schedule an alumni interview (if it’s offered)

If your early college offers alumni interviews (not all of them do), you’ll be contacted via email about scheduling an interview. Another good reason to check your email every single day.

5. Work on your applications and essays for Regular Decision

Do not wait until you hear back from the early programs. If you’re denied or deferred, you need a back-up plan; writing the essays and completing applications now will be that much easier because you’re in a better mindset.

5 Things to Do After Submitting Early Applications

There you have it! AHEC’s 5 Things to Do After Submitting “Early” Applications. Some larger universities will release “early” results in January, so it’s that much more important to continue with your other applications. Share this blog post and follow us on social media for more tips and insight about the US (and Canadian) application process.

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