As the COVID-19 Pandemic spreads, one of the key strategies being used to “flatten the curve” of the rate of the infection is self-isolation or what we know as quarantine. This involves individuals or families staying at home to avoid physical contact with other people or those outside. Learning institutions being shut down and adults being forced to work from home, many long days lie ahead for families as they try to find a way to deal with this overwhelming phase. Social distancing has become our new reality sadly. So how do we survive self-isolation like pro ninjas?!  

Survive Self-Isolation as A Family

Below are a few tips on how we can survive isolation:


Setting up structure is one way to survive self-isolation. Routines help minimize chaos as they do give a sense of direction. They shouldn’t be as strict but setting up a goal for instance for students, setting time for school work mode preferably before noon then having social time (via social media) or time to do other fun hobbies afterward.

Family time

Soak up in family time. Social distancing has forced us to stick in the house together and enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes this can be a lot. So how do you survive this during the self-isolation period? Do fun things together like games, bring out the old family albums, make favorite dishes together, movies, house chores can be fun too when done together!

Working from Home

This can be overwhelming at first since, for most, the office set up and structure always aids in giving the motivation to actually work. If you have limited space and don’t have a designated office space at home, this is the case with most households here in Kenya, create a workspace corner somewhere peaceful in the house. Maybe you work better with natural light, or when seating at a certain angle, or that painting or photo that gives you a sense of calm. Find a time that works preferably early mornings when activities and movements are limited in the house or even late nights for those who love sleeping in.


As a teenager, this can be the best time because there is no school, but it also can be a very boring and slow time. I know. Reading classics and best sellers is an excellent way to pass time during the lockdown. Check out our suggested reading list. Given you rarely find time to do this when at school because of all the homework and exams, take this time to explore the book world, you just might like it!

Fresh Air

We are required to observe physical distance and self-isolate. However, getting fresh air is very important. This is to help you avoid getting cabin fever which is a popular term for a relatively common reaction to being isolated in a building for a period of time. Take your pet out to your backyard and have a play session. You will have helped with a chore and at the same time gotten much needed fresh air. Or even just get some sun outside on the balcony.

It is a tough road ahead. But by sticking to the virus prevention guidelines, a higher survival rate will be experienced and we will soon go back to normal. Change starts with you! In the meantime, enjoy some quality time with your family.

By Genevieve Mohamed
Enrollment Consultant

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