Top Engineering Programs in Canada

Canada has positioned itself to become a great study destination for international students, particularly for Engineering. Did you know, universities in Canada are globally renowned for their programs in Engineering and Business. There are many reasons why you could consider studying in Canada.

Why Study Engineering?

Do you enjoy mathematics, and sciences especially physics? Do you like to solve problems and/or improve how things work? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you could consider pursuing engineering. From working at Space X to World Bank, engineers are highly sought after not just in the STEM fields. Here are top 5 reasons to consider a career in Engineering:

  • Not only are engineers easily employable, they also make great entrepreneurs (Think Elon Musk).
  • Engineering offers some of the top paying jobs for recent undergraduates.
  • Engineers are constantly involved in solving real life problems making a significant impact on humanity.
  • Engineers can make great leaders. Many CEO’s at Fortunes 500 companies have a background in engineering (Think Tim Cook).
  • In addition, engineers have a lot of flexibility in their field, so you can find a way to merge your passion and skillset.

If you feel engineering is a major you would like to pursue, then look no further. The team at AHEC has worked hard to put together a list comprising of the top undergraduate engineering programs in Canada (so you don’t have to).

We used two highly recognized and well respected resources to compile this information. While we know that rankings don’t always indicate success, we understand that students like to use them as a resource. As you will notice organizations will rank universities differently from one another. What you have to determine is if that university is the right fit for you! As you start your university search, our team of education consultants can guide you through the process, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Top Engineering Programs in Canada

RankMaclean RankingRankTimes Higher Education Ranking
1University of Toronto1University of Toronto
2University of British Columbia2University of British Columbia
3University of Waterloo (AHEC Partner)3McGill University
4McGill University4University of Waterloo (AHEC Partner)
5University of Alberta5University of Alberta
6McMaster University6Carleton University
7University of Montreal7University of Victoria
8Concordia University8University of Calgary
9Carleton University9Concordia University
10University of Calgary10University of Montreal
11Queens University11Dalhousie University
12University of Victoria12Lakehead University (AHEC Partner)
13Western University13University of Manitoba (AHEC Partner)
14York University14McMaster University
15*University of Manitoba (AHEC Partner)15Memorial University of Newfoundland
15*University of Ottawa16University of Ottawa
17*Dalhousie University17University of Quebec – Montreal
17*Ecole De Technologie Superieure – Canada18Queens University
17*Ryerson University 19Ryerson University
20*University of Quebec – Montreal20University of Saskatchewan (AHEC Partner)
20*Simon Fraser University21Simon Fraser University
22Western University
23University of Windsor (AHEC Partner)
24York University
25University of Guelph (AHEC Partner)
26University of Regina (AHEC Partner)

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