Architecture is a fascinating career because it primarily brings together art and science to create spaces that could directly impact people in their faith, values, mood, comfort and emotions. Moreover, Architects have the ability to impact how people interact with one another, by using a multidisciplinary approach with art, science, history, psychology and now technology.

Canada is recognized among prime destinations to pursue education in architecture. To become a professional architect, students need to complete two major parts of their studies. The first part is a Bachelor’s degree in a design-based program or Architectural Studies. This provides the foundation of skills, knowledge and practical experience that will allow students to pursue the professional program. The Bachelor’s program is considered pre-professional and imparts the culture of design to students.

The second part is the Master of Architecture, which in most cases is a two-year degree professional program. Some universities offer combined programs; however, this is very school specific and the programs tend to be competitive to get admission into.

If architecture is your calling and you would like to pursue it, then look no further. The team at AHEC has worked hard to put together a list comprising of the top undergraduate engineering programs in Canada (so you don’t have to).

We used two highly recognized and well respected resources to compile this information. While we know that rankings don’t always indicate success, we understand that students like to use them as a resource. As you will notice organizations will rank and identify universities differently from one another. What you have to determine is if that university is the right fit for you! As you start your university search, our team of education consultants can guide you through the process, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Architecture Programs in Canada

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)
(Not ranked only recognized)
RankTimes Higher Education Ranking
University of Toronto1University of Toronto
University of Waterloo (AHEC Partner) 2University of British Columbia
McGill University3McGill University
Université de Montréal4Université de Montréal
University of Calgary5University of Waterloo (AHEC Partner)
Carleton University6University of Calgary
University of Manitoba (AHEC Partner)7Dalhousie University
Université Laval8Université Laval
University of British Columbia9University of Manitoba (AHEC Partner)
Dalhousie University10Carleton University
Laurentian University (AHEC Partner)11University of Guelph (AHEC Partner)
12Université du Québec
13Ryerson University
14University of Windsor (AHEC Partner)

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