Technology and computers have become an integral part of almost all functions in the worlds today. The demand for computer scientists is not predicted to reduce any time soo.

Students that pursue computer science have the opportunity to lead careers in different fields including cybersecurity, forensic science, systems development, banking, medical applications such as bio-informatics and tomography, business equipment, game design, computer aided design (CAD) and GIS systems among others.

If you feel like computer science is a field of study that interests you. The team at AHEC has worked hard to put together a list comprising of the top undergraduate computer science programs in Canada (so you don’t have to).

We used two highly recognized and well respected resources to compile this information. While we know that rankings don’t always indicate success, we understand that students like to use them as a resource. As you will notice organizations will rank universities differently from one another. What you have to determine is if that university is the right fit for you! As you start your university search, our team of education consultants can guide you through the process, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

RankMaclean RankingRankTimes Higher Education Ranking
1University of Toronto1University of Toronto
2University of British Columbia2University of Montreal
3University of Waterloo (AHEC Partner)3University of Waterloo (AHEC Partner)
4University of Montreal4University of British Columbia
5McGill University5McGill University
6University of Alberta6University of Alberta
7McMaster University7McMaster University
8Simon Fraser University8University of Ottawa
9Concordia University9Simon Fraser University
10Carleton University10Queens University
11Queens University11Université de Sherbrooke
*12University of Ottawa12University of Victoria
*12University of Victoria13Carleton University
14University of Calgary14Concordia University
15Western University15Dalhousie University
16University of Manitoba (AHEC Partner)16Memorial University of Newfoundland
17University of New Brunswick (AHEC Partner)17Université du Québec
18St. Francis Xavier University18University of Saskatchewan (AHEC Partner)
*19Université de Sherbrooke19Western University
*19York University20University of Windsor (AHEC Partner)
21University of Calgary
22Laval University
23Ryerson University (AHEC Partner)
24University of Guelph (AHEC Partner)

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