International Relations is a popular course of interest among students. This is the passion to want to make a difference in the world, through bridging cultures, and building opportunities with effective communication. International relations also allows us to prove that we have all the tools and resources necessary to address fundamental issues affecting the world such as hunger, healthcare, education, poverty, etc. A degree in International Relations teaches students on foreign affairs, political principles, and relations between countries. If at school you are part of the debate team, the MUN club, or even been an exchange student at some point in school, this course should most definitely be a top pick!

There are other program names that cover the studies of International Relations (IR), such as International Studies, Global Studies, International Affairs, or Global Affairs. Because International Relations is a relatively new discipline, the academic approach, curriculums, and courses can vary significantly from one university to another.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Relations, you can expect to take some classes in Economics, Politics and Government, Explaining Society, Public Policy, Business Behavior, Global Conflicts, Global Security and Environmental Sustainability among others. Because the skills learned are so transferable, individuals who study international relations go on to work in various fields, such as international business, military intelligence, and analysis, national security, diplomacy, activism, just to mention a few.

If International Relations is your calling and you would like to pursue it, then look no further. Time Higher Education provides a list of the top undergraduate International studies programs in Canada (so you don’t have to). While we know that rankings don’t always indicate success, we understand that students like to use them as a resource. As you will notice organizations will rank and identify universities differently from one another. What you have to determine is if that university is the right fit for you! As you start your university search, our team of education consultants can guide you through the process, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

RankTimes Higher Education Ranking
1University of British Columbia
2University of Toronto
3McGill University
4York University
5University of Montreal
6Simon Fraser University
7University of Waterloo (AHEC Partner)
8University of Alberta
9York University
10Queens University
11Western University
12University of Guelph
13McMaster University
14Ryerson University
15University of Calgary
16University of Manitoba (AHEC Partner)

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