If you’re a student or parent in East Africa who wants premier university advising and counseling, you’ve come to the right place! Our mission is to give you the best advice. Because you deserve the best with no hidden agenda! Our goal is to help you get into your optimal university by providing honest, accurate and ethical advice.


Imran Vaghoo
Founder & Director

Imran discovered his passion for counseling students through their university journey working in the admissions office at his alma mater, Concordia College in Moorhead, MN after graduating in 2006. After moving back to Kenya in 2012, he founded AHEC because he saw a need for a knowledgeable and experienced resource for Kenyan students seeking higher education in North America. In 2015, his passion for empowerment through education led him to the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa as a founding team member, the Admissions Director and later as Deputy Chief of Party before returning to AHEC in 2019. He enjoys technology, dynamic debates, and a good cup of coffee with his wife.

Chandni Khan
Assistant Director

Chandni is an experienced education consultant for over five years and has been a critical member in the growth of AHEC leading to her role as Enrollment Manager o. She is known for her enthusiasm, dedication and commitment in working with students and their families to find the right fit university. She is also credited with her role in team management and co-leading the marketing of the company.  

She completed her high school in the US as an exchange student and later graduated from USIU – Africa with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a minor in Broadcast Journalism. Chandni has a background in media where she worked at Standard Media Group for three and a half years before joining AHEC. In her free time, she loves art, going on outdoor adventures, trying out new foods and traveling.

Genevieve Mohamed
Senior Enrollment Consultant

Genevieve has over five years of experience assisting students through the application process to study abroad. She leads the application process to AHEC’s partner universities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. She participated in an intercultural exchange program (YES) in the US where she learned how the North American education system works. Genevieve is motivated by the success of students finding the right fit university through her guidance. She also champions AHEC’s collaborations with high schools in Kenya!

Linda Kwamboka
Senior Enrollment Consultant

Linda has four years of experience working with high school students as a counselor, with a passion for inspiring young minds. Linda graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Daystar University and has a good understanding on how to relate to young students. At AHEC, she focuses on assisting students looking to apply for undergraduate programs to colleges and universities primarily in the US. Her mantra, “Be Happy” has been influential to the team. In her free time, she enjoys stand-up comedy, drives with her partner, cooking and baking. 

Leon Jirongo
Digital Media Lead

Social Media Marketer and Content Creator with a passion for cinematography. Leon has over three years working in media as an editorial reporter, researcher, and writer before joining the AHEC team. At AHEC, Leon has worked for over a year producing audio-visual content, graphic design materials, and is in charge of AHEC’s social media accounts. He boasts of good social skills with students and parents alike. In his free time, he enjoys watching and partaking in soccer and has a blog where he writes his musings.

Our Team has:

  • Lived in the US, and went through the American education system at either high school and/or university.
  • More than 20 years of combined experience working in university admissions.
  • Visited more than 300 four-year universities and colleges in the US.
  • Read and evaluated more than 3,000 applications and essays.

Our Success includes:

  • Individual approach means authentic and high-quality applications.
  • 100%* of our students receive multiple offers, including admission to Ivy Leagues, national universities and liberal arts colleges.
  • More than $15 million combined in merit and need-based scholarships over four years.**
  • Success with Lester B. Pearson, the full scholarship to the University of Toronto in St. George, Ontario, Canada.
  • 99% approved for US student visa and Canadian study permits.

* If you follow our advice on how to structure your search based on reach, mid-range and safety schools.

**Since our first students enrolled in 2013. Paying for university is an investment and can range from US$25,000 to US$70,000 per year. We’ll help you apply for merit scholarships and recommend others that you may be eligible to receive. Please note – AHEC is not a scholarship agency and we are unable to assist with funding your education.