study in America - in-depth application workshops

AHEC is excited to introduce USA and Canada College and University Application Workshops to Kenyan high school students! We will break down the various stages of the application process to study abroad in the USA or Canada. Each workshop is three hours and offers comprehensive information; a student is prepared to complete the process on his or her own. Facilitated by AHEC’s qualified staff members, our aim is to simplify specific areas where applicants commonly find challenges.

1. CV Writing for College Applications

  • How to write an essay to present a high school student’s list of involvement, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Differentiating value-adding activities, such as community service, sports and talent.
  • Understanding how to present an activity in a college essay.
  • How to account for hours of participation and articulate what was gained from each activity.
  • How to identify talent-based and sports scholarships.

2. The Common Application

  • Introduction to the Common Application.
  • Learning how to create an account and complete each section correctly.
  • Searching for and adding colleges/universities.
  • What to consider when answering essays and short-answer questions.
  • Inviting counselors and recommenders.
  • Tips and ideas to consider when completing the application.
  • Review student’s final Common Application.

3. Essay Writing

  • Understanding different types of university application essays.
  • Breaking down the main Common Application essay.
  • Topics to consider when writing a university essay.
  • Short, college-specific essays and how to stand out.
  • How to structure a university application essay.
  • Understanding American-style essay writing, tips and what to avoid.
  • Discussing individual ideas and topics of interest.

4. Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Assistance and guidance on how to apply for the US student visa application or/and Canadian study permit application process.
  • Review of all documents needed for the study permit application (Canada) or visa application and interview (USA).
  • Preparation for the US visa interview.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation at AHEC office to address travel from Kenya, immigration and legal processes, steps on arrival, social and academic transition into university life, and more!

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