Fall 2020 Online Learning Options

Thanks to online learning with American Collegiate Live, you can now start your US university degree from your home! Given the current situation with the global pandemic, there is concern about the Fall 2020 start. As a result, US universities are looking at contingency plans if students cannot travel. As a result, AHEC partners are working diligently to ensure that if students cannot travel to the US, they will have options.

Given the fact that all final May/June exams in Kenya have been cancelled, students now have a some free time. Students have the option of taking classes online through MOOCs, however they might not result to actual university credits. So what solutions do students have that allows them to start taking classes online but also count towards university credit?

AHEC partner, Shorelight has partnered with the University of Massachusetts Boston, a top ranked US university, to deliver a curriculum that is accepted at many universities. In fact, you don’t even have to wait until the Fall to get started. You can attend your first session this Summer and get a head start. You will undertake some of your general education requirements. It does not matter what major you intend to declare. From Fashion, Nursing, Engineering to Dance majors – all students need to do the same general education requirements regardless. The online learning with American Collegiate Live has been design to allow this flexibility.

In the best case scenario, if Fall travel resumes, you can transfer your credits to the university of your choice. In the worst case scenario, if Fall travel does not resume, you can either continue with your online learning with American Collegiate Live experience or transfer to your universities option. Learn more below!


Important Dates For American Collegiate Live Online Learning:

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