Confused about SAT registration as an international student? Unsure how to answer some of the questions? Firstly, do your research and finalize a shortlist to learn if you need to take the SAT. Check out factors to consider when selecting a university.

When you register, you’ll be asked questions about your high school courses in addition to university plans, interests and parental details.

Are all of these questions required? In this page, we outline step by step instructions on SAT registration.

1. Create an account via CollegeBoard

Experts Tip:
Create a new Gmail account. This should specifically be for the college-related process such as SAT registration and application to universities.

2. SAT Registration – Getting Started

  • Firstly, settle in – it can take 30 minutes to register.
  • Most importantly, check for SAT essay requirements. How? Research!
  • Upload a valid photo of yourself.
  • Have your credit card ready.
SAT Registration - create your account.
  • Your Grade Level –
    • Based on US grade/year scale. If you are in your final year of high school, indicated 12th Grade.
  • Parent/Guardian information
    • Requested so colleges/universities can gather statistics for future use (10% of our students are first-generation!).
  • Say YES to the Student Search Service! Why?
    • Colleges will reach out to you via email regarding their specific course.
    • You may learn more about scholarships.
    • Helps you explore other colleges!
  • Advanced Placement is a program for US/Canadian-curriculum schools only. If you are currently taking AP courses, or have taken AP courses for college-level credit, you should tick yes. For all other students, tick NO.
  • Grade Point Average / Rank.
  • Give this your best estimate if your transcript does not give a specific GPA or range.
  • Ask yourself – what letter grades do I receive most often?
  • Optional to rate your abilities in Math, Science, Writing courses. These are not a factor for colleges.

3. List High School Courses

  • Secondly, list your high school courses. SAT registration for international students can be confusing for this reason! In the US, students are required to take four years of Math and English, three yeas for science and social studies and 2 yeas of foreign language, in order to be considered for college/university.
List your high school courses when registering for the SAT.
  • It’s optional, but if completed, keep in mind the following grade scale:
    • Honors is NOT considered IB or A Levels, it is separate to American curriculum.
    • Dual Enrollment are courses you take for credit for high school and university. In Kenya, there is no dual enrollment.

4. High School Activities

  • Activities are not required, however, definitely spend some time on this section!
  • You’ll get information about these activities from the colleges that receive your test scores. 
List of high school activities on the SAT registration.

5. Indicate University Plans

  • While not required, this section tells a university more about your ideal environment and interest.
  • College Programs – What course (major) do you want to study? Don’t worry; you can change your mind!
  • College Type – International students should be checking four-year college/university.
    • Four year college or university = Bachelor’s degree.
      1. Public college/university = University of South Florida,  Purdue University.
      2. Private college/university = University of Tampa, Hope College.
    • Two-year community college = Associate’s degree.
      1. Shoreline Community College
    • Vocational/Technical school = trade degree (ie: auto mechanic, carpentry).
  • College Setting – what are the pros and cons of studying in a major metropolitan area (like New York City) or more rural town (like Crookston, Minnesota), and everything in-between?
  • College size – how do you see yourself learning best?

Experts Tip:
Colleges and universities buy names from CollegeBoard based on your scores and answers to the above questions. That boosts their prospect pool of names; you may get emails from schools you’ve never heard from that are encouraging you to apply, giving you an application waiver, and guaranteeing you a scholarship. How did they get your information? They bought your data from you SAT registration via CollegeBoard.

6. Select Test & Center

  • Read the fine print before agreeing to SAT Terms & Conditions; prohibited items on test date, who can take the SAT, guidelines for acceptable photo ID, etc.
  • SAT Waivers are very rarely provided for international students. Consult with your high school guidance counselor to determine if you may be eligible.

Once you select your date, you’ll be prompted to select the school where you want to sit for the SAT. In Kenya, the schools that host the SAT vary from each test date, and include:

  • Aga Khan Academy – Mombasa
  • Brookhouse International School – Nairobi
  • Eldoret Polytechnic – Eldoret
  • International School of Kenya – Nairobi
  • Oshwal Academy – Nairobi
  • Rift Valley Academy – Kijabe
  • Rosslyn Academy – Nairobi
  • West Nairobi School

Expert Tip: Your registration is not confirmed until you have paid the application fee! Your reservation is held for 20 minutes; you must upload a photo of yourself:

  • Shows only you, fully facing the camera.
  • Shows your head and shoulders only, fully facing the camera.
  • Clear view of your face (not blurry).
  • Uncovered head, unless for religious purposes (no hands on your face, or baseball caps).
  • Easily recognizable as you.
  • Light is properly exposed (not over exposed or too dark).

That’s it! Once you’ve uploaded the photo and paid for the SAT exam, you will be prompted to print out your Confirmation Page. Make sure you take that page with you to the SAT site on test day. If you lose this confirmation page, you can log into your account and acess it again. Good luck!